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LOCAL NEWS - added 22/11/17 - BRANCH SOCIAL - St Peters & Broadstairs - 21st November 8pm

Many thanks to all who ventured out a school night, yes a school night social...!! Visited Yard of Ale, Four Candles, Mind the Gap and 39 Steps and was made most welcome. Check out the next edition of Ale of Thanet for more details.

Next date is Wednesday 6/12 for a mini tour of Margate which we would love to see you at. CLICK HERE FOR ALL FUTURE EVENTS


LOCAL NEWS - added 08/11/17 - BRANCH SOCIAL MEETING - Red Lion Ramsgate - 7th November 8pm

Many thanks to Mel and team for hosting our Branch Social Meeting. Quick summary of the meeting whilst Minutes are being produced:-

  • Agenda/Minutes distribution - to be loaded onto website at the earliest opportunity but will be subject to volunteer current workload
  • Finance - Deposit due to be paid to venue to secure location for 13th Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival
  • Membership - Locally we have risen to 579. Nationally the membership is racing towards 200k (currently 191,032)
  • Social Report - Great events taken place and many more planned (see above)
  • Kent Regional Meeting - Quick update from Regional meeting held in London Tavern Margate
  • Pub Updates - Seaview reopened on a short term basis(?) - Presentation from David, owner of Old Cottage, High Street Margate with his plans.
  • Breweries & Pub Chains - Presentation from David, owner of Margate Brewery to be based in basement of Old Cottage Pub. Equipment in and test brewing to commence early next year. Brewery Liasion Officers all reported in activities of new brews etc
  • Good Beer Guide & Pub of the Year - Judges asked to begin submitting their scores with the deadline to be end of January.
  • Branch Objectives¬† - Asset of Community Value was discussed following recent planning/legal appeals which overturned local authority decisions allowing development of pubs - Ale of Thanet branch magazine content deadline 24/11
  • Beer Festival - Progressing to plan
  • AGM date confirmed as Saturday 3rd February 2017 starting promptly at 11.30am - venue has been narrowed down and will be confirmed very soon.